For all Xerox devices and equipment supplied by us, we can provide an appropriate technical support service that ensures the continued operation of the product over time and the relative resupply of consumables as required.

The various types of service set out below are applicable throughout Italy and Europe, carried out by a network of engineers who are equipped with all of the tools necessary in order to ensure swift and decisive action.

Assistenza tecnica stampanti

         Xerox® ServicePack

Main features of the ServicePack

Support how, where and when you need it

Choosing the type of support:For fast troubleshooting, you can access online support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or talk with our super-specialised multilingual support team on the phone.

Quick resolution: Over 45% of our customers' problems are resolved online or by phone. Therefore, in almost half the cases, the product will become fully operational within minutes.

Unlimited access to the Xerox Support Centre: ServicePack includes an unlimited online and telephonic support service.

On-site support: If your product requires on-site technical support, one of our specialised Xerox technicians will arrive at your premises within the next business day, and in many areas even before then. The service covers all travel expenses, labour and parts.

Simple service options

Warranty, Service Pack and Post-Warranty

One year warranty. Provides peace of mind knowing that your Xerox device will be promptly repaired in case of any type of failure.

Buy a ServicePack contract together with the product. To extend the warranty to the duration of the contract. You can also obtain the ServicePack by requesting it within 90 days from the date of purchase of the product.

Post warranty service contract. Opportunity to enjoy another year of support provided that the product is in efficient operating condition.

         Xerox® PagePack®

Reduce your printing costs

With Page Pack you can easily reduce the cost of printing and copying by 30%in comparison to the separate payment for support and consumables when needed.

Ask your dealer for an estimate on the possible SAVINGS (available online for A4 products).

PagePack Opportunities:

  • Cut the cost of consumables, support services and cost per page.
  • Reduce waste by only ordering the consumables that you require.
  • Increase productivity by automating meter readings. There is no need to send the readings manually, even when ordering supplies.
  • Free up your IT resources for more important tasks instead of having to deal with the print devices.
  • Control and carefully predict your budget thanks to an immediate knowledge of your printing costs and consumables.
  • Obtain the best results from your Xerox device thanks to original spare parts and consumables.
  • Access to 24/7 online support or telephone contact with our experienced multilingual support team for quick troubleshooting.
  • Quick resolution: Over 45% of our customers' problems are resolved online or by phone. Therefore, in almost half the cases, the product will become fully operational within minutes.
  • Our Xerox trained technicians will come to your premises the next business day, and in many geographical areas even before then. All travel expenses, labour and parts are included.

In what way does the PagePack improve your printing environment?

A fixed cost per page. In an unmanaged environment, every document printed uses a variable amount of ink or toner. You pay a different price for each print and the costs are unknown. Telephone support calls are unpredictable, and so the charges. With PagePack, all of your variable expenses are aggregated into a single item, and you pay a fixed cost per page, reducing overall costs.

Increased productivity.  PagePack also saves on hidden costs, such as staff resources, and prevents stocks of consumables running out by simplifying the management of orders and suppliers. With PagePack you do not always have to keep an inventory of consumables on hand . You can order online 24/7.

Free remote services.With the PagePack Remote Services platform you get real-time visibility of your Xerox network devices; MeterAssistant® automates the process of collecting and submitting meter readings for accurate billing, so that you only pay for what you actually use.

        Xerox® eClick®

Main features of eClick

Exclusive cost per page. Based on the number and mix of qualified machines in your organisation.

No minimum volume commitment. Only pay for what you print.

Billing system choice Available with quarterly charges directly from your dealer.

Precision and no management problems. Invoices are based on a balanced data reading or automatic meter reading via MeterAssistant.

Easy management of all your Xerox networked equipment.Thanks to a free remote suite of services offered by Xerox.

Access to the Xerox customer portal.Order your consumables 24/7 with your unique login details.

Quick problem resolution:Over 45% of faults are resolved online or over the phone, so that your product will be fully operational again in a very short time.

On-site support:If your product requires on-site support, one of our Xerox technicians will promptly reach your premises. The service covers all travel expenses, labour and parts.

        Xerox® SAVE®

The SAVE tool is designed to provide an estimate of printing costs with the "Pay as you go" mode (traditional approach: purchase of materials and technical assistance) and the PagePack "all-inclusive fixed cost agreement."

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