The first solid ink desktop device designed to ensure genuine multifunction performance, the ColorQube 8900 colour multifunction printer offers significant savings, environmentally friendly features, as well as outstanding colour quality. Equipped with ConnectKey® technology, the ColorQube 8900 optimises methods of communication in a simple and secure way, processing and sharing important information. It simplifies complex tasks on paper, as well as reducing costs, while ensuring data protection.


  • Savings on colour pages with flexible billing plans
  • Xerox® ConnectKey® technology offers elevated productivity, security and cost control features and solutions for mobile devices (Smart Phones)
Model 8900/ASM
Standard functions Copy, Email, Fax, Print, Scan
Print Speed Colour: up to 44 pages per minute Black and white: up to 44 pages per minute
Operating cycle Up to 120,000 images/month
Maximum print resolution 2400 FinePoint™


By how much could I reduce my total cost of ownership?
  • The ColorQube 8900 with ConnectKey® technology provides a total cost of ownership (TCO) which is unmatched in its product class.
  • The flexible billing plans allow you to cut down the burdensome price per page for low-colour coverage documents.
  • No need to purchase expensive paper - solid ink produces brilliant, saturated colour on standard office media and on recycled paper.
  • A perfect combination of speed, cost savings and quality of the images, for any product with flexible print speeds.
  • Ability to perform in the office prints with superior print quality, uniformity characteristics and bright, saturated colours, with significant savings in time and money.
  • User authorisations are able to restrict access to printing functions based on criteria such as the user, group, time of day and according to the application. For example, you can set specific rules under which all email messages in Outlook are automatically printed in duplex mode and in black and white, while all of the presentations in PowerPoint format are printed in colour.
  • The default application settings allow you to reduce waste and avoid having to change the driver settings, allowing users to set the default settings of the driver according to the application.


Outstanding print quality
The ColorQube 8900 features Xerox's exclusive solid ink technology, which allows documents to be printed in intense, brilliant colours on a wide range of media, including recycled paper.

With up to 2400 FinePoint™ print resolution, exceptional print quality is guaranteed, which is maintained over time, page after page.

Solid-colour simulations calibrated with the PANTONE® system and the exclusive Xerox colour correction technology deliver results which live up to your expectations.

The ColorQube 8900 printer also includes the Colour By Words feature, which provides quick and easy colour correction, allowing the selection of the desired colour modifications from a simple drop-down list.


Environmental benefits

  • The ColorQube 8900 significantly promotes sustainability efforts with a wide range of functions and design methods in the name of environmental awareness:
  • The cartridge-less solid ink sticks are provided with packaging reduced to a minimum and the produce up to 90% less printing waste compared to equivalent laser printers.
  • The ColorQube 8900 offers lower power consumption throughout its life-cycle in comparison to equivalent laser printers.
  • The EarthSmart printer driver settings are easy to use and help you in selecting the most environmentally friendly printing options.
  • Intelligent Ready technology optimises energy use by acquiring the usage patterns of individual working groups and automatically activating reduced power mode during downtime.


The ColorQube 8900 multifunction printer with ConnectKey technology offers a wide range of effective solutions, which allow you to stay connected whether in the office or on the road, for added flexibility, regardless of where you are. It includes a free Wi-Fi option, which offers the possibility of positioning the device in a more accessible locations, without adding additional costs linked to the network infrastructure.

Immediate ink loading
Each solid ink colour stick has a unique shape for effortless loading. In addition, the ink can be reloaded at any time, even when the device is in operation.

Easy to use touch screen
The bright colour touch screen offers quick access to a wide range of workflow optimisation features.

Scanning with a single key
Scan function with a single key lets you create a dedicated and easily identifiable scan button directly on the colour touch screen interface. The allocation of the scanning workflow to the Scan button with a single key allows for quick distribution and filing of documents. Scanning and creation of multiple single-page PDFs, which can be distributed in multiple files, for large scale transaction processing. Creation of a single multi-page PDF to simplify filing and sending documents by email.

Apple AirPrint™
Print email messages, photos and important business documents directly from your iPhone® or iPad® device, without having to download software, install drivers or connect cables. With AirPrint, iPhone or iPad automatically detects the ColorQube 8900 multifunction printer and connects via the office Wi-Fi network.

Xerox® Mobile Print and other functions
Purchasing our software allows you to eliminate anxieties and doubts related to printing with wireless and mobile devices. Xerox makes all of the options for the activation of secure and accurate printing available from any Apple iOS or Android mobile device, with any traditional or multi-function printer, regardless of brand. Industry-leading accuracy in printing with PowerPoint in native format, Word and other standard files. In addition, Xerox offers IT type optional functionality, such as PIN code access, different mobile operating systems, etc.

Customisation of workflows
Thanks to the integration on the Xerox EIP platform, the Xerox workflow solutions enable you to install software to increase productivity directly on the device for easy and quick access via the colour touch screen interface.


The Xerox ColorQube 8900 series multifunction printer, with ConnectKey technology provides unsurpassed ease of use, combined with faster productivity, thanks to a wide range of features to simplify the completion of everyday office tasks.

  • The ColorQube 8900 printer allows you to create print jobs at a speed of 44 ppm in colour and black and white, with a first-page-out-time of 8.5 seconds for colour documents. In addition, the standard duplex printing function helps to save paper.
  • You can execute longer print runs by increasing paper capacity up to 3,475 sheets of letter, A4, or Legal format paper. By adding the 650-sheet finishing station, you can obtain 50-sheet stapling with electronic collation.
  • The solid ink technology ensures reliable operation, through the simplification of the paper path and reducing the number of moving parts.
  • In the user interface with colour touch screen, it provides useful functions, such as video integrated guides.
  • The unified address book, along with the Favourites option, lets you easily import your existing contacts and to insert them into more ConnectKey devices.

User training and remote Helpdesk support

  • The remote control function allows you to manage the ColorQube 8900 multifunction printer's control panel from any office workstation, just as if you were sitting next to the device.
  • The online support allows you to access the printing guide, the service functions and information about solving problems simply by touching an icon on the touch screen control panel.

Intelligent scanning productivity

  • Standard integrated scan solutions, without the need for additional software or middleware:
  • Scanning with a single key
  • OCR Technology (Optical Character Recognition) with the creation of re-loadable PDF
  • Protected PDF
  • Print from and scan to a USB device
  • Scan to email, mailbox and network


Minimisation of risks, thanks to the protection of vulnerable access points and critical business information with the most comprehensive set of features, technologies and solutions, offered by the leading companies in the security industry.

Effective partnerships
Given that not everyone understands the importance of protection, the Xerox MFP ConnectKey devices include, in addition to many standard safety features, an integrated McAfee® technological component, resulting in the sector's first range of multifunction printers which are able to guarantee protection from potential external threats. McAfee's whitelisting technology ensures the execution of exclusively secure functions or files and previously approved, eliminating the need for manual updates of the software against new security threats.

In addition, the automatic integration of Cisco® TrustSec provides a comprehensive overview of users and connected devices across the entire network infrastructure. Cisco TrustSec also enables an exceptional level of activity and access control carried out by users provided with the appropriate permissions.

  • Protection of all sensitive data thanks to the encrypted scanned PDF files and the complete hard disk encryption, compliant with the AES FIPS 140-2 standard to 256-bit, as well as to the image overwriting function, with a cancellation process in 3 phases, able to guarantee the total elimination of all pieces of data.
  • Exclusive access to the device by users provided with Xerox authorisation, network authentication, IP and smart card filtering, access based on the user's role and function level.
  • In the event of new threats, Xerox proactively monitors the points of safety sorting, looking for new vulnerable points and providing patches, where necessary, ensuring the continuous updating of equipment and the constant security of data.
  • The ColorQube 8900 devices comply with the latest applicable safety standards, inter alia, in the public bodies, finance and health care sectors. These standards include Common Criteria, HIPAA, the Data Protection Act, COBIT, and others. These devices are able to conform to any standard and feature commands to suit your needs.
  • Preventing IP theft and guaranteeing non-repudiation, thanks to full visibility of the device and the network. Thanks to the management of security policies and monitoring of all activities on the device, it is possible to discover the author, the activity and the time of access, as well as details of each interaction with the device.
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