The Xerox WorkCentre™ 3655 with Xerox ConnectKey® technology offers a competitive advantage. It allows you to print more at a lower price thanks to our advantageous Emulsion Aggregate Toner technology and intelligent Cisco® EnergyWise report creation function. Remote and secure operation via the WorkCentre 3655 control panel from any office PC, as if you were in the same room as the device. The data is always protected thanks to full visibility in the device and on the network. At the same time, all of this optimises ways to communicate, process and share information.


Xerox® ConnectKey® technology offers elevated cost-control, productivity, security features and mobile solutions
Print, copy, scan, email (and fax on the WorkCentre 3655X)
Model 3655V/S 3655V/X
Standard functions Copy, Email, Fax, Print, Scan Copy, Email, Fax, Print, Scan
Print Speed up to 45 pages per minute up to 45 pages per minute
Operating cycle up to 150,000 images/month up to 150,000 images/month
Maximum print resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi 1200 x 1200 dpi


Business activities are dependent on the ability to contain costs. The innovative tools of the Xerox WorkCentre™ 3655 with ConnectKey® technology provide a competitive advantage, reduce costs, simplify print management mode and provide a significant return on investments.

User permissions are able to restrict access to printing functions based on criteria such as the user, group, time of day and depending on the application.

You can customise your printer driver settings to a higher level of efficiency and economy. For example, you can select the Multi-image function for printing multiple pages on a single sheet, as a default setting.

By default, our printer driver is configured to duplex printing; moreover, the Earth Smart feature allows you to select other default settings, which favour an environmentally-friendly use of the device.

The WorkCentre 3655 series connects to the network to send automatic meter reading and to automatically replenish the consumable supplies.

The Xerox® Standard Accounting feature provides reports for greater control of costs relating to all device functions. The Xerox® Business Innovation Partner advanced solutions provide even more useful tools for larger office environments.

Our EA Toner technology with a very low melting point reaches the minimum melting temperature at 20 degrees C, lower than a conventional toner, for even greater energy savings.

The WorkCentre 3655 scanner uses LED illumination, which consumes 1/3 of the energy used by traditional scanners equipped with fluorescent lamps.

Cisco EnergyWise, equipped with Xerox Power MIB (Management Information Base), lets you control, manage and keep track of the device's energy consumption information, as well as set the power supply status and optimal timeout intervals.




Nowadays work is no longer confined to the office. The Xerox WorkCentre™ 6655, equipped with the ConnectKey® technology, allows you to take your work with you wherever you need, with easy mobility. However, in the office convenient tools ensure fast and easy interaction with the WorkCentre 6655 with colour touch screen The user interface on the colour touch screen has the appearance, ease of use and intuitive icons which are typical of Xerox technology. It provides easy access to all major functions directly from the home screen. Support services are just a click away Quick and easy step-by-step support, such as tips for sending a scan via email, with integrated video guides directly in the user interface. External stapler The convenient external stapler lets you quickly staple up to 20 sheets of 75 g/m2 paper. Xerox® Mobile Print and other functions Purchasing our software allows you to remove the anxieties and doubts related to printing with wireless and mobile devices. Xerox makes all of the options for the activation of secure and accurate printing available from any Apple iOS or Android mobile device, with any traditional or multi-function printer, regardless of brand. Industry-leading accuracy in printing with PowerPoint in native format, Word and other standard files. In addition, Xerox offers IT type optional functionality, such as PIN code access, different mobile operating systems, etc. Apple AirPrint™ Print emails, photos and important business documents directly from Apple iOS and OS X devices, without the need to download software, install drivers or connect cables. With AirPrint, the Apple device automatically detects the WorkCentre 6655 colour laser multifunction printer and connects via a cable network or the office Wi-Fi. Scanning to the cloud Xerox® ConnectKey® Share to Cloud provides organisations with powerful document scanning capabilities, which allow you to connect Xerox multifunction printers (MFP) to the cloud and the most popular email messaging services. This solution offers all the benefits of cloud computing, similarly to the way that applications mobile devices take advantage of the cloud. Once you have scanned a document using the MFP's touch screen, the ConnectKey Share to Cloud solution converts the file and distributes it to the cloud service selected by the user. With Mopria™ certification The Mopria certification simplifies the mobile printing experience from tablets and smartphones to any printing device, including the colour multifunction WorkCentre 6655.


Choose how to pay for consumables Choose PagePack for a support service which includes consumables It includes all consumables, excluding print media and staples support and hardware maintenance access to the Customer Support Center for technical support cost per page independent from the cover page request consumables when you need them using our online tool Or the Pay-as-you-go system purchase supplies when you need them The standard one-year warranty includes on-site service and access to the Customer Support Center for technical support warranty extensions available within the first 90 days of purchase of the product on-site maintenance contracts available upon expiry of the warranty

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