XEROX WORKCENTRE 5865/5875/5890

XEROX WORKCENTRE 5865/5875/5890

The WorkCentre 5865/5875/5890 multifunction system features Xerox ConnectKey® Technology software. Our latest generation controller technology provides practical solutions, making it easy to optimise the mode of communication, processing and sharing important information, to simplify complex tasks on paper, as well as reducing costs, while ensuring data protection at the same time.


  • Featuring Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology
  • Productivity, security, cost control and advanced features
Model WC5865 WC5875 WC5890
Standard functions Copy, Email, Print, Scan    
Copy/print speed up to 65 pages per minute up to 75 pages per minute up to 90 pages per minute
Operating cycle up to 250,000 images/month up to 300,000 images/month up to 400,000 images/month
Print resolution 4800 x 1200 dpi, 256 levels of grey    


Printing productivity

The WorkCentre 5865/5875/5890 lets you print up to a maximum speed of 90 ppm, with a first-page-out-time of 7 seconds (specifications for the 5890 model). In addition, the standard duplex printing function helps to save paper.

Scanning paper documents into digital files

Standard solutions of integrated scan, without the need for additional software or middleware:

Scanning with a single key

OCR Technology (Optical Character Recognition) with the creation of PDFs with a search function (see the list of supported languages)

Print from and scan to a USB device

Scan to email, mailbox and network

The dual head and single pass scanner saves time by simultaneously scanning both sides of documents in front/back, up to a maximum of 200 impressions per minute.

Customisation of workflows

Based on the Xerox EIP platform, Xerox workflow solutions enable you to install the software for increased productivity at the device for easy and quick access via the colour touch screen interface.

Scanning with a single key

The Scan function lets you create a dedicated and easily identifiable scan button directly on the colour touchscreen interface. The allocation of the scanning workflow to the Scan button with a single key allows for quick distribution and filing of documents.

Advanced copy and print functions

The WorkCentre 5865/5875/5890 can greatly simplify your daily office tasks, providing comprehensive support for specialised print applications, such as Annotation, Bates Stamping, ID Card Copy, card printing and page programming.


The WorkCentre 5865/5875/5890 allows you to greatly simplify the most complex activities, thanks to a solution that can be adapted to the needs of the user.

Simple interface

The bright coloured touchscreen offers the reassuring and comfortable appearance which is typical of Xerox. Furthermore, it features bright, intuitive icons and simple access to all major functions directly from the home screen.

Support services are just a click away

Quick and easy step-by-step support, such as tips for sending a scan via email, with directly integrated video guides in the user interface.

Completely universal print driver

Xerox Global Print Driver® (X-GPD) lets IT administrators install, upgrade and manage Xerox and non-Xerox devices via a single driver. It provides a uniform and easy to use interface for end users, reducing the number of calls to our customer support service and simplifying the management of print services.

Consistent user experience

The WorkCentre 5865/5875/5890 features the same Xerox ConnectKey® technology as our latest generation of multifunction printers in tabloid format, simplifying the use of the devices by users thanks to their familiar appearance.


In the workplace, the WorkCentre 5865/5875/5890 offers the office staff the convenience of controlling the functioning of the devices from any workstation. In addition, our mobile solutions encourage modern professionals to work efficiently in the office and on the go, providing the autonomy and flexibility to keep pace with the needs of their business, wherever they take place.

Remote Control Panel

Remote operation and secure the control panel of the WorkCentre 5865/5875/5890 from any PC office, as if you were in the vicinity of the device. The remote control panel makes solving problems and training users simpler and more practical, not to mention viewing and remote monitoring of the user interface by the IT department staff. In addition, during a remote session, casual users are advised on the device in order to avoid simultaneous modifications to the system. Finally, the advanced print drivers and device management tools allow you to remotely monitor the settings and available resources in real time, with the purpose of enhanced functionality.

Apple AirPrint™

Print email messages, photos and important business documents directly from your iPhone® or iPad® device, without having to download software, install drivers or connect cables. With AirPrint, your iPhone or iPad device automatically detects and connects to the WorkCentre 5865/5875/5890 via the office Wi-Fi network.

Xerox® Mobile Print and other functions

Purchasing our software allows you to remove the anxieties and doubts related to printing with wireless and mobile devices. Xerox makes all of the options for the activation of secure and accurate printing available from any Apple iOS or Android mobile device, with any traditional or multi-function printer, regardless of brand. Industry-leading accuracy in printing with PowerPoint in native format, Word and other standard files. In addition, Xerox offers IT type optional functionality, such as PIN code access, different mobile operating systems, etc.


The WorkCentre 5865/5875/5890 includes the most comprehensive range of features, technologies and advanced solutions offered by the industry-leader in security, ensuring complete protection, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Effective partnerships

Given that not everyone understands the importance of protection, Xerox® ConnectKey® technology includes, in addition to many security features, integrated McAfee® technology, thus resulting in the first range of multifunction printers in the industry which is able to ensure protection from potential external threats. McAfee's whitelisting technology ensures the execution of exclusively secure functions or files and previously approved, eliminating the need for manual updates of the software against new security threats.

In addition, the automatic integration of Cisco® TrustSec provides a comprehensive overview of users and connected devices across the entire network infrastructure. Cisco TrustSec also enables an exceptional level of activity and access control carried out by users provided with the appropriate permissions.

  • Protection of all sensitive data thanks to the complete hard disk encryption, compliant with the AES FIPS 140-2 standard to 256-bit, and to the image overwriting functionality, with a cancellation process in 3 phases, able to guarantee the total elimination of all the pieces of data.
  • Exclusive access to the device by users provided with Xerox authorisation, network authentication, IP and smart card filtering, access based on the user's role and function level.
  • In the event of new threats, Xerox proactively monitors the points of safety sorting, looking for new vulnerable points and providing patches, where necessary, ensuring the continuous updating of equipment and the constant security of data.
  • WorkCentre 5865/5875/5890 is compliant with the latest applicable safety standards, in the areas of public bodies, finance and health care among others. These standards include Common Criteria, HIPAA, the Data Protection Act, COBIT, and others. These devices are able to conform to any standard and feature commands to suit your needs.
  • Preventing IP theft and guaranteeing non-repudiation, thanks to full visibility of the device and the network. Thanks to the management of security policies and monitoring of all activities on the device, it is possible to discover the author, the activity and the time of access, as well as details of each interaction with the device.


    The WorkCentre 5865/5875/5890 with ConnectKey® technology makes business activities more efficient and simpler and allows for significant cost savings.

    User authorisation

    The WorkCentre 5865/5875/5890 can be integrated with the active directory in order to replicate access control. It lets you create control of accesses based on groups. Enables usage monitoring or managing policies.

    Standard accounting

    It can keep account of use and limit it, thanks to a feature that allows a reduction in costs for companies.

    More efficient toner

    Our revolutionary toner maintains superior image quality, guaranteeing up to 15% more prints per gram in all print and copy modes in comparison to previous toners.

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